This is more than just a delivery service. We can
deliver or swap out to a technical level, including
products from bank systems to personal computers,
and more.
Our staff are specially trained in Technical Courier applications, including
installing and swapping out replacement computer and IT parts. They can also
carry out "low end" technical tasks, freeing up their own engineers and
resources often resulting in significant cost savings.
These services can be provided on a local level, or expanded nationwide cost
effectively through our overnight network.
In addition to standard delivery, we also offer services including de-crating and
unpacking of instruments on-site, assisting engineers with basic setting up
processes and removing and disposing of all packing waste where required.
We carry specialist equipment that can de-crate heavy items and we can
provide forklifts on site where required.
We work closely together with our clients to ensure all deliveries are carried out
to the highest quality at all times with 2 eyes on health & safety.

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